Cultivating Irish Potatoes with Fersan’s ‘Potato-Lizer’

Local production of Irish potatoes is on the rise. And with efforts like the National Irish Potato Program 2017- in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries (MICAF), Newport Fersan Jamaica Limited and H&L Agro - currently underway, we can only look forward to even greater developments in the industry. As with … Continue reading Cultivating Irish Potatoes with Fersan’s ‘Potato-Lizer’

Fersan Farmer Andrew Gardner

No one understands the laws of the land quite like a farmer. That understanding is all the more enhanced when a farmer has experience in cultivating a variety of crops. This week, for #fersanfarmerfriday, we'll be featuring one such farmer; Westmoreland-based Andrew Gardner. Located in Fort Williams, Westmoreland, Gardner grows papayas, scotch bonnet peppers, coconuts, basil, sweet … Continue reading Fersan Farmer Andrew Gardner