Fersan Farmer Edney James

For some, the idea of successfully maintaining a farm by oneself may seem daunting. It is in fact a mammoth task, but by no means is it impossible. Edney James, a papaya farmer based in Haughton Grove, Hanover is a testament to this.

Unfortunately James’ decision to do it all himself was heavily influenced by concerns about the possibility of praedial larceny; and while he admits that it is not always easy, he finds comfort in the assistance that Newport Fersan (Jamaica) Limited’s team of agronomists provides.

James started using our fertilizers 10 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. Currently, with the assistance of Technical Sales Consultant Noel Hamilton and Agronomist Deion Subaran, he is cultivating with a custom blend under our Precise Nutrient Management system. Needless to say, he is very pleased with the results!

We salute you Mr James! Your one man mission is an inspiration to us all!

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