Fersan Coffee-Lizer Initiative

We take a look back at a recent Coffee-Lizer initiative. This is the fabric of who we are, this is the fabric of who our farmers are, this is the fabric of Jamaica’s agriculture. Buy Jamaican Build Jamaica.

Fersan’s ‘Ask an Agronomist’ LIVE with Nicheal Dadzie

Agronomist Nicheal Dadzie answers your questions about crop nutrition, pest control, and which of our various products can be applied to meet your specific needs.

Fersan’s ‘Ask an Agronomist’ LIVE with Denton Alvaranga

Senior Agronomist, Research & Development, Denton Alvaranga answers your questions about general plant care, crop nutrition, and pest control.

Growing Strawberries with Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Ltd

Fersan Farmer Derron Grant, of Family Farms speaks to us about cultivating strawberries with fertilizers from Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Limited.

Newport Fersan’s High Yield Package Kit

Scotch Bonnet Pepper farmer Gerald Allen shares his experience with Newport Fersan’s High Yield Package Kit!

Harvesting Onions at Imagination Farms

While harvesting their latest crop, Operations Manager of Imagination Farms Don McGlashan talks about cultivating onions with Newport-Fersan Fertilizers.

Sorrel Production with Dad

Senior Agronomist, Research & Development Denton Alvaranga Jr, and his father Denton Alvaranga Snr, instruct us on the intricacies of sorrel production.

Brissett’s Pineapple Farm

An interview with proprietor of Brissett’s Pineapple Farm Astley Brissett, featuring highlights from a special outside broadcast of Fersan Farmer’s Forum (on Power 106 FM), from the hills of Pisgah in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Pineapple Production at JP Farms

In this clip from the Newport Fersan co-sponsored television programme ‘Agriculture…Here & Now’ (S01E08), host Allan Rickards talks about the intricacies of cultivating pineapples with the experts at JP Farms.

The Rose Town Royal Farm

An in depth look at The Rose Town Foundation’s Urban Farming Project, which was highlighted for Farmers Month 2018, with our Farmer’s Forum Outside Broadcast in April. The farm is powered by Fersan Fertilizers.

Irish Potato Farmer John Whinstanley

St. Elizabeth-based Irish Potato farmer John Whinstanley shares his experience with Fersan’s Potato Lizer!

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