Fersan Farmer Roy Buchanan

For many who choose this lifestyle, farming is a journey in patience and at times evolution. For Roy Buchanan of Sunrise Farm in Glasgow, Westmoreland, this journey took him from cultivating sugar cane to growing hot peppers, papayas, pineapples, ginger, coconut, escallion and sorrel.

When Buchanan, who has been a farmer for the last 40 years, decided to expand his cultivation he went to the Rural Agricultural Development Agency (RADA), who recommended that he contact Newport Fersan Jamaica Limited for precise nutrition and soil testing . He now cultivates under our Precise Nutrient Management System (PNMS) with the assistance of Technical Sales Consultant Noel Hamilton, and Agronomist Deion Subaran.

“So far everything is going great because Fersan has been on top of things; they come and they do their regular checks to ensure that everything is in order, and follow up calls just to see how we’re doing,” said Buchanan as he admired his crops. “We really couldn’t ask for more right now, as this is our first time farming in this area. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have this pineapple field, or the peppers, or the papayas.”

 We must say we’re impressed with how far he’s come. Keep up the good work Mr Buchanan!

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