Pest and Disease Management in Crop Production Systems

A plant pest can be defined as an unwanted organism occurring within the space of a plant e.g., insects and fungi. A plant disease, on the other hand, is any impairment to the normal state of a plant, which ultimately interrupts its critical functions. It must be understood that each crop species is susceptible to diseases and the incidence and prevalence vary from season to season; due mainly to prevailing environmental conditions and pathogens, among other factors.

Pest and Disease Management is one of several critical components in a crop production system, which has the potential to derail any quest for success if left unattended. A successful pest and disease management programme includes, but is not limited to, the use of resistant varieties, moisture management, nutrient management and the use of preventive and curative measures.

Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Ltd, is well known for its role in providing world-class technological nutrient management solutions to Jamaican farmers, with its flagship product, the Precise Nutrient Management System (PNMS). With that said, the company remains acutely aware, that there are several other components of a crop production system, requiring improved technologies, like those it has positioned in crop nutrition. 

Newport-Fersan's Pest and Disease Management Guide.

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