Fersan Farmer Robert ‘Frank’ Campbell

Meet Fersan Farmer Robert 'Frank' Campbell, of Flamstead, St. James. He's been planting pineapples for 10 years now, and currently has 60 acres under cultivation. Since training with representatives from Newport Fersan Jamaica, he has learned that the pineapple plant feeds a lot through it's leaves. He now uses our Manniplex line of liquid fertilizers; … Continue reading Fersan Farmer Robert ‘Frank’ Campbell

Cultivating Irish Potatoes with Fersan’s ‘Potato-Lizer’

Local production of Irish potatoes is on the rise. And with efforts like the National Irish Potato Program 2017- in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries (MICAF), Newport Fersan Jamaica Limited and H&L Agro - currently underway, we can only look forward to even greater developments in the industry. As with … Continue reading Cultivating Irish Potatoes with Fersan’s ‘Potato-Lizer’