Cultivating Irish Potatoes with Fersan ‘Potato-Lizer’


As with all crops, the successful cultivation of Irish potatoes means following a specific set of rules and practices; site selection and soil preparation is crucial, so too is having adequate moisture and fertilizer.

The requirements for the successful cultivation of Irish potato are no different from other crops. Adequate nutrition is essential but represents only one of the many components.

Fertilizers help to supplement the natural soil nutrient supply in order to satisfy the demand of the crop. The fertilizer is used to compensate for the nutrients removed by previous crops, natural shortfall based on soil type, leaching etc. Fertilizers and fertilizer products are also used to improve the fertility of otherwise unfavourable soils. Fersan’s Potato-Lizer does all this and more!

Fersan Potato-Lizer Starta
Fersan Potato-Lizer Finisha


Correct application of any fertilizer is essential for ensuring the best results. Just follow the Four (4) R’s of Nutrient Management:

Right Source

    • Potato-Lizer provides NPK+ Zn- Fe- B+HA
    • Potato-Lizer is CHLORINE FREE – High rates of chlorine may reduce yield and quality

Right Rate

  • 2 x 50 Kg bags of Potato-Lizer Starta
  • 5 x 50 Kg bags of Potato-Lizer Finisha

Right Time

  • Apply 2 bags of Potato-Lizer Starta at planting
  • Apply 5 bags Potato-Lizer Finisha 30 days after planting

Right Place

Row or Band Placement

If you’re a Potato-Lizer user let us know how our product is working for you! Contact us via WhatsApp at (876) 302-1615 with any questions or concerns. Happy harvesting!


4 thoughts on “Cultivating Irish Potatoes with Fersan ‘Potato-Lizer’

  1. it is a good idea of creating a fertilizer specifically for irish potatoes , I am an irish potato farmer I am looking forward to use this product next planting season


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