Fersan Farmer Jermaine Ferguson

When it comes to cultivation, getting the best out of your crop takes so much more than meets the eye. Luckily our team of Agronomists and Sales Consultants know exactly how to design a programme of precise nutrition that is right for you, no matter which crop you choose. It’s all in the soil test, just ask this week’s featured Fersan Farmer Jermaine Ferguson!

St Mary-based Jermaine Ferguson has been a Fersan farmer for over a year, and has cultivated 7 1/2 acres of Papaya using a Precise Nutrition Management program implemented with the assistance of Technical Sales Consultant Anthony Bailey and Agronomist Silbert O’Meally.

Since implementing the programme, he has seen a significant increase in his yield; up from 1000 lbs per acre, to 2000/2500 lbs per acre. He also notes that there has been an improvement in the durability of the trees. Ferguson is so pleased with the results that he is currently preparing to implement the same program for the production of West Indian Red peppers on 10 acres of land.

We salute you Mr Ferguson, keep cultivating precisely!


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