Increasing Coffee Production with Fersan ‘Coffee-Lizer’

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, and Jamaican coffee is counted amongst the best, particularly coffee grown in the island’s Blue Mountain range. Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Limited is committed to ensuring that the standard of this product is maintained, and our  specially-blended ‘Coffee-Lizer’ is a testament to that commitment.

Fersan’s Coffee-Lizer is designed for application to coffee trees for the prevention and correction of soil nutrient deficiency, when used as part of a balanced fertility program. The product also helps maintain good control of coffee pests, and diseases eg. coffee leaf rust, and coffee berry borer.

The optimum rate of application will vary depending on properties (such as pH, organic matter content, texture), weather conditions, time of year, general crop health, and crop species.

Our DDP technology provides greater efficiency in micronurient delivery. The macronutrients (N-P-K) are all coated with the micronutrients, so there is micronutrient wherever there is macronutrient.

Coffee-Lizer Composition

  • 14-7-21-S+Mg+Ca (DDP)+Zn+B (DDP)+HA
  • Product contains Humic Acid (organic matter), Micro elements/slow release Nirogen.


Correct application of any fertilizer is essential for ensuring the best results. Just follow the Four (4) R’s of Nutrient Management;

It is always recommended that a soil test be conducted to assess your specific needs before starting any application of fertilizer. Interested farmers may contact any member of our team for information and assistance in fertilizer choice and usage in the cultivation of coffee.

Contact your Newport-Fersan Team of Consultants for information or assistance, or contact Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Limited at (876) 967-5815 or email /





























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