At Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Limited, we are committed to serving our farmers in any way possible, and we love celebrating their accomplishments every step of the way.

Fersan Farmer Rodney Brown

Meet Fersan Farmer Rodney Brown. With a nutrient management programme incorporating the use of our MOP, MAP, Zinc, Greenplus, Sulfersan and High Yield Package products, he grows Hot Peppers, Sweet Corn, and Plantains at his farm in Bernard Lodge, St Catherine. Our team recently paid a visit to Mr Brown’s farm, and he had this to say about our products and services: 

“I have been a farmer for a number of years now and I’ve always used Fersan’s fertilizers because they give me the best results and leave my crop looking healthy. I was introduced to their PNMS where they tested my soil, and designed a nutrient programme specific to my location and crops planted. What they found also was that my soil pH was too high, so they recommended the use of their Sulfersan product along with my nutrient programme and the results have been excellent. I have so far harvested more than 1000 doz of sweet corn per acre, and waiting on the peppers that I must say looks really good. I’m expecting similar results. Thank you team Fersan!”

– Rodney Brown, Fersan Farmer

Fersan Ambassador Latoya Rattray

A farmer of sweet corn, carrot and yellow yam, Fersan Ambassador Latoya Rattray’s journey into agriculture is special. After losing her job in 2020, she made the decision to transition from backyard gardening to commercial farming.

However, since her expertise in farming did not include knowledge on commercial operations, she sought the assistance of the team from Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Ltd. A soil analysis and nutrient recommendation was done for her crops which resulted in her maximizing her yields.

“I relied on my agronomist Nicheal Dadzie for advice relating to pest management, plant nutrition and even marketing strategies. It was because of the expert guidance I got from Newport Fersan why I was able to expand my farm from one acre to now three!”.

– Latoya Rattray, Fersan Ambassador

Fersan Farmer Charmaine Boyd

Meet Fersan Farmer Charmaine Boyd, a Scotch Bonnet Pepper farmer located in Farmer’s Height, St Mary. After using a nutrient management system including the application of Fersan 14-28-18,+ Nitrosul +NFJ-0017 (18.3-0-32.3+Ca+Mg+ME DDP) and Manni-Plex for Vegetables, she saw a 346% increase in yield at second harvest, over her traditional approach!

“I have grown hot peppers for many years, using a combination of 14-28-14 at planting, and again at 4 weeks. I planted 1/2 Acre of pepper in February 2021 in Farmers Heights and was given a recommendation from Newport-Fersan, for my hot pepper production. I started out my crop with the use of 150 lbs of Fersan 18-28-14 at planting, and applied 50 lbs Nitrosul at about 20 days after planting. This was followed up with 200 lbs of NFJ-0017 at 45 days after planting.

I had never used Nitrosul or NFJ-0017 before, but realised that the plants were growing better than I normally experienced. I realised after using the NFJ-0017, that the plants were producing flowers heavily.

In my previous pepper crops, my first harvest would be about 75 lbs pepper, followed by about 120 lb of pepper.  With the use of the Newport-Fersan’s recommendation, my first harvest was 120 lbs and my second harvest was 520 lbs. I never thought that I would get so much pepper. When I look at the field I see pepper at all stages, and I also see a large amount of flowers. In my last harvest, I had one tree harvesting 65 ripe peppers. I have never seen anything like this.

The plants are green, they are growing healthy and I will be harvesting again soon but cannot predict the amount of pepper that I will reap. From this experience I will be planting more pepper. I would like to say to farmers: get on with the Newport-Fersan Programme, as I will be using this and any other improvements that Fersan comes with!” 

– Charmaine Boyd, Fersan Farmer

Fersan Farmer Tarrick Dacosta

Meet Fersan Farmer Tarrick Dacosta, a corn farmer based in St. Ann, Jamaica. We recently checked in with Mr Dacosta, who uses our products – MAP, MOP, Nitrosul, Zinc, Iron, Manniplex for Vegetables and FerStrike – for his crops.  He had this to share about his experience as a farmer thus far:

“In my farming journey, I cannot say I have had a better experience overall with another fertilizer company than I have with Newport-Fersan. The Sales Reps and Agronomists make you feel like family; as they guide you along your farming journey.

My corn crop would not have come out as well if it wasn’t for the advice of Mr Dadzie and Miss James. I started planting on the wrong foot, by sowing too closely, and as a result, I expected to have stunted growth caused by competition for sunlight. However, with the fertilizer program I got, my trees thrived and produced at a level that they were not expected to. I had full kernels, with minimum worm damage for the time of year that the crop was planted (February). Their products are easy to use, and the fertilizer program is easy to understand.

My advice to anyone considering Newport-Fersan: it’s a no brainer. Their prices are very competitive price wise and also quite effective.”

– Tarrick Dacosta, Fersan Farmer

Fersan Farmer Tiffany Daley

Meet Fersan Farmer Tiffany Daley of Kitson Town, St Catherine. She uses a combination of our High Yield Package Kit, and Manniplex for Vegetables to grow her Scotch Bonnet Peppers. This is Her success story:

“While at university, I did a course in Horticulture and was introduced to farming/agriculture as a viable business venture. My interest in pursuing a career in agriculture (more so agro-processing) was piqued. 

During the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the lockdown I had a lot of time and could complete research on different crops and their viability. My partner – Raymore, had access to arable land so we decided to just “go for it”. 

We started with scotch bonnet peppers and have now expanded into cucumbers on a smaller scale. Our vision is to find new, innovative ways that we can introduce science and technology in producing nutritious crops and products that are competitive in both the local and global market. 

As new entrants, we have faced a lot of challenges and it has been a learning curve, but companies such as Fersan has shown a vested interest in not only providing onsite support but also in educating us in how using a science based nutrient management program can increase and maximize fruit production. 

We foresee a successful future in using world class technology to produce high quality products.” 

– Tiffany Daley, Fersan Farmer

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