Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Limited

Newport Fersan (Jamaica) Limited is the nation’s leading local blender and supplier of fertilizer; providing farmers with essential nutrients to enhance and increase crop yield, thereby boosting agricultural productivity. Because of our ongoing investment in research and development, Newport Fersan (Jamaica) Limited uses cutting-edge technology to inform our precise nutrition programme which accounts for our growing popularity among farmers.


Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Limited (NFJ) was incorporated in Jamaica on July 27, 2001, and commenced the business of manufacturing and distributing fertilizers under the FERSAN brand in March 2005. To commence operations, NFJ made an initial investment of US$10 million to build a manufacturing plant located in the heart of Kingston. This state-of-the art plant has storage for 19,000 metric tons of raw materials at any given time with the capacity to produce approximately 80,000 tons of fertilizer per annum. The company manufactures fertilizers for both the local and regional markets with raw materials sourced locally and internationally.

We continue to fly the flag of ‘Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica’, ensuring that we do our part as responsible corporate citizens. In alignment with the United Nations Millennium Goal to eradicate poverty and hunger, we at NFJ are farmer focused in our commitment to improving the productivity and food security for our nation. This means that the farmer must be equipped with the most advanced fertilizer technology. We achieve this through routine scheduled trainings, seminars and product demonstrations to not only our farmers but also other agricultural interests groups.


Our farmers must stand assured that they are getting the very best value for their money. While we manufacture the popular standard blends generally used in local agriculture, we accept that cropping systems vary and so do their needs. We strongly believe that the efficient use of fertilizer inputs is paramount in maximising crop production. We are therefore delighted that as a manufacturer we are able to offer to our farmers the Precise Nutrient Management Option. From soil analyses and the consideration of other environmental variables we are able to recommend and supply specific (Precise) nutrient management programmes. Precision agriculture is revolutionizing the global industry and we are intent on seeing this for Jamaica through continued research, development and partnerships; there is no doubt, we are in this for the long haul!