Booster line of Fertilizers

The Booster Line of Fertilizers are an improved blend of granular fertilizers by Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Ltd. Consisting of the Start Booster, Vegetative Booster and the Yield Booster, they seek to supply critical nutrients at the three distinct growth phases (initiation, vegetative and productive) thereby enhancing greater levels of nutrient use efficiency and ultimately crop productivity, at a cheaper costs.

John Mahfood, President of JMEA, tours Newport-Fersan manufacturing facility

Mr. Dennis Valdez, Managing Director of Newport-Fersan led Mr. John Mahfood, President of Jamaica Manufacturers & Exporters Association (JMEA), on  a tour of the Factory of Newport-Fersan on November 3, 2021. Mahfood, accompanied by Kelroy Clarke, Marketing and Public Relations Officer of JMEA, saw the storage of raw materials, to the blending, production and packagingContinue reading “John Mahfood, President of JMEA, tours Newport-Fersan manufacturing facility”


FERSTRIKE KILLS: Caterpillars, Aphids, Leafminers, Moths & Flies RECOMMENDED USES: FerStrike acts by means of contact (absorption through insect’s cuticle) or stomach action due to ingestion. Once FerStrike is absorbed or ingested, feeding stops almost immediately although insects may remain alive for up to 48 hours. FerStrike is specific in the control of moths orContinue reading “Ferstrike”

Increasing Coffee Production with Fersan ‘Coffee-Lizer’

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, and Jamaican coffee is counted amongst the best, particularly coffee grown in the island’s Blue Mountain range. Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Limited is committed to ensuring that the standard of this product is maintained, and our  specially-blended ‘Coffee-Lizer’ is a testament to that commitment. Fersan’s Coffee-Lizer isContinue reading “Increasing Coffee Production with Fersan ‘Coffee-Lizer’”

Cultivating Irish Potatoes with Fersan ‘Potato-Lizer’

As As with all crops, the successful cultivation of Irish potatoes means following a specific set of rules and practices; site selection and soil preparation is crucial, so too is having adequate moisture and fertilizer.

Fersan Farmer Edney James’ Watermelons

Fersan farmer Edney James from Haughton Grove, Hanover is at it again! This time he’s reaping his lovely watermelons! Edney nurtures his crop with a custom blend of Manniplex for vegetables and Fersan 14-28-14 Congratulations on your harvest Mr James, keep up the good work!  

Fersan Farmer Robert ‘Frank’ Campbell

Meet Fersan Farmer Robert ‘Frank’ Campbell, of Flamstead, St. James. He’s been planting pineapples for 10 years now, and currently has 60 acres under cultivation. Since training with representatives from Newport Fersan Jamaica, he has learned that the pineapple plant feeds a lot through it’s leaves. He now uses our Manniplex line of liquid fertilizers;Continue reading “Fersan Farmer Robert ‘Frank’ Campbell”