As Manufacturers of Fertilizers, we know Fertilizers! We have prided ourself on being the best Fertilizers in the world. Our wide range of Fertilizers are available in Granular, Soluble, and Liquid (organic and inorganic) forms. Many of our Blends (Fertilizers) fall into the category of Traditional Fertilizers, or Improved Fertilizers.

Improved Fertilizers are blends formulated by Newport-Fersan, based on a collection of soil analysis data, and are crop specific in nature. Unlike the traditional blends, improved blends have the required essential micro elements. They are an economic alternative to our Traditional NPK Fertilizers, more nutrients, and more yields, based on soil test.

Types of Fertilizers
  • Granular
  • Soluble
  • Liquid
Improved Fertilizers
Liquid Fertilizers

Soil Ameliorants
Traditional Fertilizers

Our range of Traditional Fertilizers include NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) and ‘straight’ fertilizers which were developed decades ago for use in the local agriculture sector. Examples of these blends are: 14-28-14, 11-22-22, 16-9-18 and Urea. Some of Our traditional blends include:

  • 8-21-32+S [for Sweet Potato]
  • 11-22-22+S
  • 12-4-28+S
  • 15-5-35+S
  • 16-9-18+S
  • 17-0-17+S
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