Available in both 50kg and 50lb bags

FERSAN’s Ferti-Peanut is designed for application to Peanut for the prevention and correction of soil nutrient deficiency when used as part of a balanced fertility program. Optimum rate of application will vary depending on properties (such as pH, organic matter content, texture), weather conditions, time of year, general crop health and crop species. For best results, follow soil test or plant analysis recommendation.


  • 14-0-32.5 + Mg (DDP) + S + ME (DDP) + N Max
  • Product contains micro elements


Correct application of any fertilizer is essential for ensuring the best results. Just follow the Four (4) R’s of Nutrient Management:

Right Source

  • Fersan 14-28-14 provides NK + S
  • Fersan Ferti-Peanut provides NK+Mg+S+ME(DDP)+N-P Max

Right Rate

  • 110 lbs Fersan 14-28-14
  • 440lbs Ferti Peanut
  • Manni-Plex Iron- 1.5 Tbsp per gallon
  • Manni-Plex Magnesium- 1 Tbsp per gallon

Right Time

  • 110 lbs Fersan’s 14-28-14 at planting
  • 440 lbs Ferti Peanut 35 days after germination
  • Four (4) applications with two weeks intervals after germination

Right Place

  • Broadcast and harrowed in during final land preparation activities
  • For row planting – make a shallow furrow along rows of plants and apply fertilizer in furrows and cover.
  • Foliar application for Manni-Plex Iron and Magnesium

Additional Information:

  • Our DDP technology provides greater efficiency in micronutrient delivery. The macronutrients (N-K) are all coated with the micronutrients, so there is micronutrient where there is macronutrient.
  • Maintain good control of peanut pests and disease eg; Leaf Spot and Leaf Rust.
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