Potato Lizer

Available in both 50kg and 50lb bags

Potato-Lizer helps to increase the yield and improve the appearance and quality of Irish Potatoes


Correct application of any fertilizer is essential for ensuring the best results. Just follow the Four (4) R’s of Nutrient Management:

Right Source

  • Potato-Lizer provides NPK+ Zn- Fe- B+HA
  • Potato-Lizer is CHLORINE FREE – High rates of chlorine may reduce yield and quality

Right Rate

  • 2 x 50 Kg bags of Potato-Lizer Starta
  • 5 x 50 Kg bags of Potato-Lizer Finisha

Right Time

  • Apply 2 bags of Potato-Lizer Starta at planting
  • Apply 5 bags Potato-Lizer Finisha 30 days after planting

Right Place

Row or Band Placement

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