Melon Blend

Fersan's Melon Blend
Fersan’s Melon Blend

Fersan’s Melon Blend (28.4-0-22.5-Ca+ME (DDP)) supplies Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium and assorted micronutrients to meet the crop’s demand. Available in Granular and Soluble form, the Melon Blend fertilizer provides Nitrogen which caters to the need for overall continuous growth, Potassium for improving quality of plant structures and produce, Calcium and Boron for structural integrity as well as Iron which plays a major role in maintaining green leaves.

It must be noted that the DDP formulation is our patented technology which is designed to coat every prill/grain of the NPK. This allows for a more homogenous spread of the fertilizer which is also more bio-available.

The Melon Blend is designed for Melon crops including watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers, and more!

Melon Blend (Soluble)

The Soluble Melon Blend fertilizer, is a combination of water-soluble macro and micro nutrients designed for the prevention and correction of nutrients deficiencies in melon production. It is designed to be dissolved in water, thereby facilitating application via fertigation (drip system), foliar application or soil drench.

Application rate: Up to 550lbs. per acre, starting at when vine reach three feet in length. Taking in consideration that a fertilizer source rich in phosphorous is usually required at planting (for example soluble 14-28-14).

Soluble Blends are available in 25lb presentations.

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