Urea and Green Plus

The main function of Nitrogen-based Fertilizers like Urea and Green Plus is to provide the plants with nitrogen to promote green leafy growth and make the plants look lush. Urea also aids the photosynthesis process of plants. Since urea fertilizer can provide only nitrogen and not phosphorus or potassium, it’s primarily used for bloom growth.

Green Plus is a Urea-based granular fertilizer designed to provide the nitrogen requirements in agricultural crops. The product can be applied as a granular fertilizer as well as be dissolved in water and applied through a fertigation system or soil drench. Small quantities of Green Plus can also be applied as a foliar fertilizer (not exceeding three (3) pounds per forty-five (45) gallon drum).

The Green Plus is an economic alternative to Urea, with only 2% less Nitrogen, and the addition of Sulphur.


  • 100% Soluble
  • Used to meet the Nitrogen demands in a balanced nutrient programme
  • Includes Sulphur, which is a secondary macro nutrient
  • Prevents and corrects Nitrogen deficiency symptoms in most agricultural crops.
  • Provides early shoot development, vigorous vegetative growth and plant development
  • Applicable in a wide range of crop categories such as vegetables, roots and tubers, legumes, fruit crops, tree crops, cucurbits, sugar cane, ornamentals, turf grass, pastures, among others.
  • Green Plus is fast acting and provides an immediate response in plants.
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