Fersan Farmer Roy Ellis

Based in Bangor Ridge in Portland, Jamaica Roy Ellis has been a coffee farmer for over 30 years. With his farm located in the Blue Mountain range, Ellis swears by the reliability, and income-earning potential of the crop, and attributes a great deal of his success to his consistent use of Fersan fertilizers.

“My relationship with Fersan is a great one, there are some new companies coming on board now, but I’ve never tried them, I’ve always dealt with Fersan, all my life, I’ve been farming for over 30 years now, and Fersan is all I know, and I have no complaints.” says Ellis

Ellis is one of many farmers in the Bangor Ridge area whose soil was recently tested by Newport Fersan (Jamaica ) Limited, after which a custom blend was created to suit the needs of all the farmers in the area.

Ellis says he is proud to be a Fersan farmer because “Fersan, over the years, has been sustainable, they have shown that we can depend on them”. Special thanks to Mr Ellis for hosting the Newport Fersan (Jamaica) Limited team, as well as Power 106FM for a recent outside broadcast of Fersan Farmers forum. Keep up the good work sir!

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