Fersan Farmer Pamelitta Dann


Thank God it’s #fersanfarmerfriday! This week, we celebrate Fersan Farmer Pamelitta Dann, of the Yallahs Agro Park, in St Thomas, Jamaica. The recent recipient of praise from Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, the Hon. Karl Samuda, for growing the best onions he’s seen across the island, Pamelitta says she has been farming all her life, but only started growing onions five years ago.



Following the recommendation of one of our senior agronomists here at Newport Fersan Jamaica Limited, Pamelitta used products from our Fersan Solubles family of soluble and specialized fertilizers specifically designed with the highest technology to provide the nutrients that crops require in each stage of development.


She started with the Fersan Initiator Premium, before moving on to the Fersan Growth Premium, and finishing up with the Fersan Production Premium.


This week, NFJ team member Anthony Bailey paid her a visit, and took a look at her very impressive three month-old 1/2 an acre plot of onions – of the Texas Early Grano variety – now close to the harvesting stage of production!



Join us again next Friday, when we pay a visit to another of our proud farmers!

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