Fersan Farmer Alton Wilmot

At Newport Fersan Jamaica Limited we love our farmers! Each week we’ll be featuring one of our best and brightest in the field. This week we visited Alton Wilmot, in Carmel, Westmoreland, to see how his crops (Irish potato, tomato and cabbage) were doing.


Alton, who has been a farmer for 45 years, and a Fersan farmer for 11 years, uses 14-28-14 and a special blend of fertilizer customized for him by NFJ on his crops, and is a very satisfied customer. These blends, as well as 11-22-22 and Sulphate of Ammonia, are among his favourite products, as they yield the best results. Keep up the good work Mr. Wilmot, we salute you! #fersanfarmerfriday

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