Fersan Farmer Andrew Gardner

No one understands the laws of the land quite like a farmer. That understanding is all the more enhanced when a farmer has experience in cultivating a variety of crops. This week, for #fersanfarmerfriday, we’ll be featuring one such farmer; Westmoreland-based Andrew Gardner.

Located in Fort Williams, Westmoreland, Gardner grows papayas, scotch bonnet peppers, coconuts, basil, sweet potatoes, plantains, okras, pumpkins cherries, garden egg squash, cantaloupes, corn, strawberries, spinach, and pimentos (to name a few).

Having been a Fersan farmer for 10 years, he finds that the best fertilizer to use depends on the type of crop, and the type of soil in which it is planted. Gardner regularly uses our 16-9-18  blend for his crops, and notes that “the custom blends are great!”.  He presently has a nutrient program set up for his papayas.

“The relationship we have with Fersan is great because with the help of Mr Subaran [NFJ Agronomist], and Mr Hamilton [NFJ Technical Sales Consultant] – who visit us regularly to give us their technical advice and knowledge – we have been able to continue improving the state of this farm,” he adds.

Keep up the good work Mr Gardner, we salute you!

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