Fersan Farmer Roy Buchanan (Part II)

Back in July, we featured Westmoreland-based Fersan farmer Roy Buchanan, a farmer of hot peppers, papayas, pineapples, ginger, coconut, escallion and sorrel, who cultivates under our Precise Nutrient Management System (PNMS) with the assistance of Technical Sales Consultant Noel Hamilton, and Agronomist Deion Subaran. We were so impressed with what we saw that we decided to check back in with Mr Buchanan in order to monitor his progress, and to give you a more in depth look at Buchanan Sunrise Farm!


Buchanan kicked off our tour with a look at his 10,000 Scotch Bonnet pepper seedlings, as well as some pumpkin, papaya and ghost chilli pepper seedlings.

He has been using our Manni-Plex line of liquid fertilizers on his seedlings, and is  very satisfied with the results!

For his ginger field, Buchanan uses Fersan 11-22-22 fertlizer.

And for his pineapple field, he uses Fersan 14-28-14. “We’ve added up to about 70,000 pines right now. This is the first field, and as you can see, it’s flourishing very well”, he remarked.

We’re not surprised to see that things are still looking fruitful at Sunrise Farms. We tip our hats to you, Mr Buchanan!

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