Fertilizer – An Expense or an Investment

This month’s edition of ‘The Agriculturist’ features a thought-provoking piece by our Business Development Manager Hedda Rose Pitter, in which she discusses the topic ‘Fertilizer – An Expense or an Investment’. Let us know what you think in the comments, and be sure to grab a copy of ‘The Agriculturalist’ at a farm store near you!

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Fersan Farmer Gasnell McKellar

Located in Rocksprings, Hanover, Gasnell McKellar – under the watchful eyes, and guidance of Newport Fersan (Jamaica) Limited – has converted what used to be acres of sugar cane to an impressive pineapple cultivation!

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Fersan Farmers Kevin and Joel Green

Based in Spring Valley, Hanover, multi crop farmers Kevin and Joel Green have been using our fertilizers for over 15 years, and are as impressed with their effect on their crop yields as they are with how quickly they can see the results.
“Fersan fertilizers are the safest bet for me; imported fertilizers don’t work as rapidly,” says Kevin Green. With the assistance of our Technical Sales Consultant Noel Hamilton, the Greens – who started off as sugar cane farmers – now cultivate callaloo as their main crop, along with cassava , banana, sweet potatoes, plantain, okra, coconut.

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Fersan Farmer Roy Buchanan (Part II)

Back in July, we featured Westmoreland-based Fersan farmer Roy Buchanan, a farmer of hot peppers, papayas, pineapples, ginger, coconut, escallion and sorrel, who cultivates under our Precise Nutrient Management System (PNMS) with the assistance of Technical Sales Consultant Noel Hamilton, and Agronomist Deion Subaran. We were so impressed with what we saw that we decided to check back in with Mr Buchanan in order to monitor his progress, and to give you a more in depth look at Buchanan Sunrise Farm!

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Fersan Farmer Roy Ellis

Based in Bangor Ridge in Portland, Jamaica Roy Ellis has been a coffee farmer for over 30 years. With his farm located in the Blue Mountain range, Ellis swears by the reliability, and income-earning potential of the crop, and attributes a great deal of his success to his consistent use of Fersan fertilizers.

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Fersan Farmer Edney James

For some, the idea of successfully maintaining a farm by oneself may seem daunting. It is in fact a mammoth task, but by no means is it impossible. Edney James, a papaya farmer based in Haughton Grove, Hanover is a testament to this.

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