FerStrike is a contact and stomach INSECTICIDE acts by means of contact (absorption through insect’s cuticle) or stomach action due to ingestion. Once FerStrike is absorbed or ingested, feeding stops almost immediately although insects may remain alive for up to 48 hours. FerStrike can be used against all larval instar (development) stages, and is specific in the control of moths or butterfly larvae (Lepidoptera) with no adverse effects on most advantageous predatory insects or predatory mite species.


  1. Active Ingredient – Indoxacarb
  2. Mode of Action– Non-systemic Contact and Stomach
  3. Compatible with most common pesticides
  4. Targets and controls all larval stage of the pest.
  5. Registered for use in a wide range of crops such as cucurbits, brassicas, peppers, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, Corn among others
  6. Effective control of Army Worms, Diamond back moth, Cabbage Webworm, Tomato semilooper larvae, Potato tuber moth larvae, Tomato Leaf miner, Cabbage Looper, Leafhopper, Bollworm, Melon worm, and Cut worms
  7. Application Rate:
    250ml- 300ml per hectare
    100ml-120ml per acre
    10ml-12ml per square
    ½ tsp- 1tsp per gallon
  8. Available Sizes: 100ml and 250ml

Please see Leaflet for more information on crops, pests and application rates.

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