Pine Lizer

Available in both 50kg and 50lb bags

Pine-Lizer was developed as a direct response to the observed nutritional challenges associated with the cultivation of pineapples. Based on soil analysis done in most of our traditional pineapple growing areas, in addition to secondary macro nutrients such as calcium and magnesium, it was as discovered that micro nutrients such as iron, zinc and boron was also found to be in limited supply.

Based on the growth pattern of the crop, two (2) different blends were formulated:

  1. Pine-Lizer Starta (17-14-14-Ca-Mg-Zn-Fe-B) designed to be applied at planting or immediately after harvesting of a ratoon field. Application rate ranges between 440-550 lbs/acre.
  2. Pine-Lizer Finisha (21-2-21) designed to be applied at 90 and 120 days after the application of Pine-Lizer Starta at a rate of 330 lbs/acre.


  1. At 1 week before induction begin to apply 1Tbsp Manni-Plex Ca (calcium) per gallon of water (approximately 250 ml/ac) once per month until harvest
  1. At 2 weeks before harvest apply 1 Tbsp. Manni-Plex K (potassium) per gallon of water (approximately 250 ml/ac)

Additional tips:

  1. Ensure uniform planting and ensure proper field access for foliar spray applications and follow up granular fertilizer applications.
  2. This product and recommendation is general. Please contact your Fersan Representative for soil sampling and specific recommendations.
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