Fersan in di Field

Fersan in di Field: Real Issues, Real Solutions is a bi-monthly radio feature, LIVE every first and last Tuesday at 6:15am on Power106 FM, where we discuss the issues faced by farmers and the solutions Newport-Fersan has developed to solve them.

Listen to Fersan in di Field on YouTube today! Here are a few highlights:

Agronomist Sajae Jones explores the exciting world of Watermelon Production and Productivity, in today’s edition of Fersan in di Field: Real Issues, Real Solutions. Sajae was joined by a special guest, Andrew Dyer, a Watermelon Farmer employing the Precise Nutrient Management System, the flagship Crop Nutrition Programme from Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Ltd.
Agronomist Danavan Pryce explores the exciting world of Hydroponics Farming, in today’s edition of Fersan in di Field: Real Issues, Real Solutions. Danavan was joined by special guest, Clifton Clooney, a Fersan Hydroponics Farmer using the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), which is primarily used for growing leafy green plants. With Clifton’s Testimony, Danavan shares insights, tips, and tricks for success in this innovative agricultural practice.
Agronomists Danavan Pryce and Murphy Gooden discuss the intricacies of Onion Production.
Agronomist Nigel Panton, discusses the issues associated with Saline, Alkaline, and Acidic Soil. This includes the importance of soil amelioration, common soil states, and issues with a lack of proper amelioration. Nigel is also joined by Special Guest, Don McGlashan, Senior Manager for Field Operations at Imagination Farms.
Agronomist Danavan Pryce and Product Development Officer Murphy Gooden from the Research and Development Team, discuss Ornamental Crop Care.
Technical Manager Melvin Henry and Agronomist Sajae Jones discuss the new STAR Virucide: Newport-Fersan’s response to Plant Viruses. Testimonials on the STAR Virucide are given by Fersan Farmers Junior Ebanks (Hot Pepper and Melon), Omar Ramsamugh (Papaya), and Cosmo Stephens (Hot Pepper).

‘Ask an Agronomist’ LIVE

The LIVE Instagram series where Farmers logged on to ask questions about their Farming needs, and more!

Agronomist Nicheal Dadzie answers your questions about crop nutrition, pest control, and which of our various products can be applied to meet your specific needs.
Senior Agronomist, Research & Development, Denton Alvaranga answers your questions about general plant care, crop nutrition, and pest control.

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