Enhancing your Orchids with Fersan Solubles!

Orchids are exotic, and easy to love.  As such,  they are some of the most commonly grown houseplants in Jamaica. But despite their popularity, they can be a little temperamental at times, and can be surprisingly tricky to care for. Figuring out when to water them, and where to place them to ensure good air circulation is half the battle. Once you’ve crossed these hurdles, it’s recommended that you feed your orchids with fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and trace elements, like iron.  This is where Fersan Solubles come in!


Last week, we introduced you to our line of Fersan Solubles, focusing on how you can  boost your backyard with the line’s Growth and Flowering Premiums. This week, we’ll tell you just how our Initiator and Production Premiums can work wonders for your  orchids!

Specifically designed with the highest technology, to provide the nutrients that crops require in each stage of development, the line – which is 100% water-soluble, and specially formulated for drip irrigation and all irrigation systems – combines macro and micronutrients in a manner that satisfies the most stringent production requirements of fruits, vegetables and specialty crops. It incorporates the most innovative concepts and advances in soil fertility and plant physiology to enhance the nutritional processes.


The Fersan Solubles line features four products designed to bring the best out of your plants;

  • Fersan Initiator Premium
  • Fersan Growth Premium
  • Fersan Flowering Premium
  • Fersan Production Premium

Fersan Initiator Premium provides a balanced formula for the fast start of the crops. It is rich in phosphorus with an adequate balance of nitrogen and potassium for the initial phase of the crops. Providing a fast boost to the crop, it assures excellent productivity. This is exactly the type of chemical balance you need to start your orchids off right!  As an added bonus, it prevents deficiency of the nutrients listed on the label, to ensure maximum results.


Fersan Production Premium takes things a step further by providing a balanced formula for the fruiting stage of the crops. It is rich in potassium, with 50% of the nitrogen being in the nitric form for the fruiting stage of the crops. Its high potassium content ensures excellent productivity, your orchids will be blossoming in no time! 


Join us at the St. Jago Park Health Centre in St. Catherine tomorrow, and Sunday for the St. Catherine Annual Flower Show, to speak to us face-to-face! And let us know how these products work for you by giving us feedback on our Facebook Page! 

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